In Memory of…

Darren Amburgey from Jackie & William Amburgey
John & Catherine Andersen from John Andersen
Pearl Andrews from Suzy Lauritsen
Paul A Backman from John & Karen Backman
Stephen Baily from Judith Garoutte
-fromHarper-Gygi Family
Florence Bates from Tom & Maureen Jurcak
-from Linda Gregerson
Bob from Richard M. Wilson
Adeline Borda from Lucretia Mack
Lucille Borngesser from Gary & Pam Ida
-from Jim & Bonnie Gilbert
Milo Bloss from Naice Pidone
Paul Bourgault from Bonita Bourgault
Mary Beth Branson from Mike & Sharon Boring
-Workmates WA State Dept of Natural Resources
Phyllis Bronson from Julie Bronson Lawson
Brother from Kay Evans
Nicholas Brower from Patricia Brower
Adell Brown from Patricia A Brown
Jack Burkley from Leah Cochran
Mel Carruthers from Jerome & Nadene Stephenson
Beau Casebier from James Casebier
A Max Chaumette from Ruby Blystone
Donald Clise from Mary Lou Rakowicz
-from Chris & Kelli Ristine
Dick Courter from Louise Courter
Darla Crouse from Robin DeFord
Chris (Loyd) Danielson III
-from Holly Brazel
-from Leona Danielson
-from John & Hazel Willmarth
Donna Davis from Jaymes Brandon
Don Dineen from Rochelle Rothaus
Vincenzo & Antonio Donato from Lucretia Mack
Jerry Donk from George & Rene Donk
Ada & Bill Downs from Sally Downs
Gary Doyle from Lyle & Marlene Westhoff
Frank Duval from Ronald Bane
Jay Elwanger from Dave & Marie Elwanger
Sid & Bob Erickson from Julainne Morgan
Jack Exworthy from Jeanne Exworthy
Jerry Allen Farstad Sr from Merle & Tara Eichelberger
Jerry Allen Farstad Jr from Merle & Tara Eichelberger
Mr. & Mrs. Fay from Karen Dickerson
Robert M Ferguson from Robert & Judith Ferguson
– from Dorothy Ferguson
Marilyn Diane Crozier Franklin
W W “Tag” Frazier from Peggy Frazier
-from Robert & Deborah Kreb
Frank Garley from John A Fischer
Helen & Harold Genske
-from Gunter & Sharon Brunk
Stephanie Gladstone from Carol Narlock-Gallagher
John D Grimm from Arlene Dunham
-from anonymous
-from Mark & Joyce Garand
-from Carole Jones
-from Jean Massoth
-from John & Brenda Rothlin
-from Don & Betty Porter McDonald Credit Services
-from Empire Office Equipment
Joseph & Andriana Hall from Angelica Hall
Lyn & Eula Hansen from Nancy Tyson
Marian Hardy from Mikell Flothe
R L Harrington from Edrie Harrington
Jeanne Harvey from Sally Downs
John Helgren from John & Bonnie Hannukaine
Rene Herrera from Marita Harrera
DeAnna Marie Hemming
-from Michael & Lorraine Kelly
Carol Hill from Melvin Hill
Robert Hood from John & Sharon Edgar
-from Brooke, Mary & Emma Frederick
-from Jack & Donna Pring
-from Neil & Nina Simpson
William A Huber from Cheryl Huber
Ken Huff from Lorraine & Russell Swartling
Gladys Inabnit from Laural & Marilyn Maddox
Virginia Ingram from Karen Dickerson
Karen R Jennings from Janice & Kenneth Bowman
Leslie Jewett from Charles Maynard
Julie Johnson from Deanna Davis
Sally Jones from David & Sarah Jordan
June from Mary Storm
Cathy Kee from Jo Tower
Barbara Kelley from Teri Ramsauer
Leone Kneable from Joseph L. Castonguay
Hilman Kuebel from Helen Kuebel
Debra K Liss from Don & Evalyn Liss
James Lower from Shirley Lower
Jerry Page Laford from H Donald Laford
Angie Lawrence from Cindy Lawrence
Barb Ledford from Mikell Flothe
Sofie Little from Glennda Felker
Ray Loescher from Gayle Loescher

In Memory cont…

Gary Mack & Angela from Lucretia Mack
Ian MacMillan from Phillip Stephens
Ted Martin from Mary Thompson
Ray Matheson from Doyle Matheson
-from Joy Matheson
Claude B McClanahan from Susan Osterberg
Jean McGraw from Linda M Carlson
Etta Miller from Elwanda Johnson
Etta & Keith Miller
-from Betty Jankus & Charlotte Hopper
-from Vicki Hammond
Doris Minor from Linda Minor
Louis & Doris Mizell from David Elwanger
Mom from Kathleen Beaird
Darlene Niederberger from Harry & Gail Frost
Jan Morrison from Roseann Bartlett
Art O’Leary from Arthur & Susan O’Leary
Mary Oglesky from Carol Narlock Gallagher
Ronald “Rhino” Ostenson for Homeless Veterans
-from Frank McMahon
Lynn Page from anonymous
Everett Paul from Tom & Ann Tischer
Frank & Helen Peeples from Nancy Baldwin
Kenneth & Beulah Peterson from Steven Peterson
Robert Phillips from Nyla Wood
Paul Reed from John Reed
Verl Ritter from Marilyn Ritter
Tammy Roxx from Lynn Chris Tunick
Dr. Steve Russell from Laura & Robert Barnoski
-from Elma Lu Casebolt
– from Beverly A Forrest
– from Gail Frare
– from Laurie Himmelrick
– from Jim Hutchinson
– from Richard & Janene Johnson
– from Law Riskin
– Russell & Bode Family Dentistry
– from Suzie Stoney
– from Elizabeth Stricklin
– from Tully & Jan Swanberg
– Christine & Kenneth Whipple
Harold Frank Schulz from David Elwanger
David Schuman from Laural & Marilyn Maddox
Sigrid Scott from Peter & Evelyn Scott
Richard Sedies from Harry & Suellen Sedies
Allen Shanafelt from Joanna Shanafelt
Georgie Simpson from Jeffrey & Corey Paulsen
Arnold Slator from Ellen Kjesbu
Son, Mom & Dad from Kristen Baggett
Jim Spaid from Bob & Joan Wubbena
-from David C Lindeblom
-from Georgeanne Fulstone-Pucillo
-from Kevin & Elaine Ramsey
-from Dave & Arvis Olson
-from Bergel Ziegler & Melanie Wilson
Catherine Stinnette from Cathy Weaver
Christina Sorlie from Carol Narlock-Gallagher
Valerie M Steffen from Richard Steffen
Marcie Stiltner from Lynn Chris Tunick
Linda Sylte from Ronald Locke
Bonnetta Faith Tahkeal from Judy Tahkeal Brown
Jenna Lyn Tahkeal from Judy Tahkeal Brown
Kathy Talley from Eva Johnson
Mary F Tate from Lee & Mary Bowman
Nancy Mary Thetford from Irene Baker
– from Ann Ruffoarn
Deloras Thomas from Bob Thomas
Gladiola Thomas from Vaitogi Vaitogi
Teresa Vert from Carol Narlock-Gallagher
William E Vest from Donald & Margie Vest
Veterans from Ann Frame
Richard Wallace from Anna Wallace
Skip Werner from Carolyn Werner
Sharon Whaley from Ronald Locke
Jeff Wilkenson from Valentine Construction
Betty J Wilson from Jim & Lenore Vining
Pastor John Wright from Ben Webster
Tom Wynne from Charlene Wynne
Michelle Eaton Yandle from Anonymous
-from Frank & Susan Prihoda
-from Donald E Schut
-from Sharon & Gary Shaw
Glenn E Zempel from Mona Zempel
Jim Zeppa from Rebecca Zeppa

In Honor of…

American Veterans from Kathryn Payne
Sam & Jack Atkinson-Williams
-from Daria Dimitroff
Jason & Kyle Barker from Larry & Barb Barker
Dr. Bill from Anonymous
Judith BD Bouffou from Alan Mountjoy-Venning
Paul Bracy from Buzz & Cherie Fraser
Jason F from Susan Jordan
Jesus Christ from Dan & Bonnie Schwartz
Kevin Connors from Donna Connors
Lorn Conway from John & Sue Fischer
John Deviny from anonymous
Doug Dawson from M Hutchinson
Diane’s Birthday from Grace Japhet
Dr. Tim Dolby from Dan Rubin
Mark & Kim Eibel from Beverly Werschkul
Hailey, Kenny, Lainey, Danny & Andy Erickson from Heidi Erickson
Erickson Family from Kathy Erickson
Stan Erickson from David & Peggy Erickson
Father from Kay Evans
Sharon Fasnacht from WSECU
John Gonzales from Anonymous
Tom, Lisa & Addie Hecht from Jane M Hecht
Lowell David Hoff from Carolyn Werner
Jesus from Richard & Dorothy Rowley
Jeff & Heather Johnson from John A Fischer
Janet & Randy Jones from Maria Zollo-Klaas
Dr. Kern from Margie Sharpe
Doris Kesecker from Ronald Kesecker
Eric & Marcia Kjesbu from Ellen Kjesbu
Robin Lester & Christine Cole from Ginni Peppert
Mark from Shelly Wheeler
Patricia McCandless from Diana McCandless
Eileen McKenzie-Sullivan from Anonymous
Doris Dahl Mizell from Don & Gwen Dowdell
Jamie Mullenix from Angela Hodge
Nate Naismith from Kyle Naismith
Ed Newman from Irene Byington
Billy Oliver from Jerry & Brenda Breznican
Mary Ellen Parrish from Alex Parrish
Pendle & Kolibas Family from Sandra Denn
Charlotte Phillips 90th birthday
-from Daryl & Nylan Wood
Olympia Union Gospel Mission from Anonymous
John Parr (70th birthday) from Bill & Francie Parr
-from Paul Watt
Dr. Russell from Alan & Lola Cain
Schaefers & Moffat Family
-from Ronald & Mary Jo Schaefers
Schwartz Family from Rosario Cofield
Loren “Skip” Steffen from Gail Frare
Lorraine Swartling from Laurel DeForest
Symmonds Family from Rosario Cofield
Those that need help from Scott Egan
Vander Beek Family from William J Vander Beek
Cliff Whipple from Patricia Flores
Terry Whitehouse from Kaylene Lahn
Lester & Jean Willmore from Sharon Backstrom
Chery Townsend Winter from Hilarie Hauptman