• RISK providing a meal.

    $1.75 can change a life

    GIVE $1.75
  • STOP scenes like this

    $3.75 pays for one night of shelter

    GIVE $3.75
  • Donors Provided Shelter Funding for 2018 - Thank You!

    In 2019 the costs to keep the shelter open are $90,000.

GIVE $1.75

Provide a Meal

Just a $1.75 provides a meal and much more for one person.  Donate the number of meals you would like to provide.

GIVE $3.75

Night of Shelter

Stop scenes like this by providing a night of shelter for $3.75 to an individual in crisis. Add a meal and a night of shelter for $5.50.


Goal of $90,000

Help us raise $90,000 for the need to keep the overnight shelter open all year long in 2019.


The Olympia Union Gospel Mission is about people – like you and me – with one big difference; the people we work with are homeless and poverty stricken. One of the ways every one of us are alike, regardless of our status, is our need for dignity, self-worth and respect. Our commitment is to respect each person we meet and to demonstrate God’s love in practical ways.

Addiction Help

Recovery Programs

Through group recovery meetings, bible studies, individual counseling, and life skills training, single men, single women and women with children learn how to live free of addictions.

Homeless Services

Hot Meals Served: M-F 6:30am, Noon, 5:30pm
Sat. 10am – 11am
Sun. 7:30am and Noon
(Help Serve & Volunteer)


Volunteers are needed to sort produce and help with the distribution of food to low-income neighborhoods. More informtion…

No-Fee Dental & Vision Clinics

309 Washington St NE, Olympia
Dental: 360.943.6400
Vision: 360.709.9725

Restoring hope…Transforming lives since 1995.