Dinner Is Served!

Devotional and prayer at each meal

There is not a meal that goes by at the Mission where God’s Word isn’t shared. Guests are seated in the dining hall and 10 minutes before the meal is served, a staff member or a volunteer shares from the Scriptures the hope we have in Jesus. A final prayer of thanks is offered to God, as well as a blessing to Mission donors for helping to provide the meal.

Volunteers come early to prepare the food and help to serve the guests. There are only enough seats for 60 people, so they promptly finish so the next person in line can be served. Soon we will have our new dining hall, which will double our current capacity.

Watch the 60-second video of a dinner being served.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Mindy Owens at 360.709.9725 to inquire about opportunities.

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Newsletter – August 2016