Finding Friendships

Michael was aware of the Olympia Union Gospel Mission because his younger brother had received help there. Now with mounting health issues, Michael too, needed their services and decided to visit one day. “It was amazing,” he said, “some of the staff just took me in and even invited me to church, which was where I asked Christ into my life.” He used a number of the Mission’s resources including doing his laundry, taking showers, and even getting clothing and blankets. He realized he didn’t have to go without; the Mission was there to help.

Michael embraced the Mission and told of meeting a lot of different people in the Day Room. “There are folks from all walks of life,” he said, “and they taught me that we need each other.” Michael found friendship at a time he most needed it. He didn’t have to be alone as he was going through this difficult time in life – it was like he was given a family to comfort him.

What was most important to Michael now that he had become a Christian was the meal time. It was not only the good food, but he really looked forward to the spiritual food served beforehand. He remarked about the pastors and staff that would share how God was working in their lives, which Michael said was “mind-blowing.” His appetite for increasing his faith grew and he learned to accept God’s grace in his life. “I know I’m not perfect, but someday I get to go to His Mansion when all this is over.”

Michael’s life looks radically different than what it did a few years ago. The Mission was there for him. “I want to thank the donors for their support of the Mission services and those who give of their time, their love, and share their experiences so we know we are not going through this alone. Without them, most of us would not be here and I praise God for them.”

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Newsletter – August 2016