The Medical Clinic Is Closed – all other services are available

In 2009 the No-Fee Chronic Disease Medical Clinic was established at the Mission with the help of Executive Director Loren “Skip” Steffen, Medical Director Dr. Erin Kershisnik and many volunteers who were part of the planning group.  The clinic was supported by individual donors, foundations and businesses with an interest in providing medical care to patients living in Thurston County with an income at or below 200% of the Federal poverty level and having no medical insurance.  Primary medical care was provided by a host of volunteer medical professionals. The clinic was a medical home to patients with: diabetes, hypertension, asthma, COPD, and chronic heart failure.  Clinic Manager Marissa Altamirano-Cruz says the Mission has been here to help fill a needed service gap in the community for those without medical insurance and lacking the income to pay for services.

Today, the healthcare landscape looks very different than it did even a year ago.  With the Affordable Health Care Act now in place, the underserved population now has medical insurance coverage through the expanded Medicaid program. The role of the clinic was never to compete with private medical practices so a decision was made to close the clinic when the patients transferred to permanent medical homes. According to Skip,  “the clinic significantly improved the quality of life for over 1,000 Thurston County residents and even saved the lives of six, or more, patients who likely would not have otherwise received care or been forced to seek care in hospital emergency rooms.”

We are indebted to all our donors and medical volunteers for their support over the years.  To Marissa and the volunteer medical staff, thank you for your tireless love and commitment to everyone that came through the doors for help.  You were the hands and feet of Jesus to so many and we wish you well.

Medical Records can be made available by calling the Medical Clinic phone number (360-357-6505) and leaving a message.
Please allow up to 5 business days for records to be copied.


Prayer Saves Lives…

Amanda came to the Mission No-Fee Medical Clinic and found out she was pregnant. Listen to her testimony of the care she received from clinic staff and how her life has been transformed.