In Memory of…

Dr. Stan Allison from Sally Dunn
Darren Amburgey from Jackie & William Amburgey
Johnathan Angel from Les Spickler
Sandy Bell from David & Alice Elwanger
Betty from Shan & Judi Gill
Larry Bockelman from Duane Kirschner
Jane Bowman from Bill Bowman
Madaline Braun from Peter Bisson
Serena “Nena” Brown from Black Lake Grange #861
Kayla Brungardt from Kathlee Brungardt
Beau Casebier from Deanna Davis
Faye Castonguay from Joseph Castonguay
Peter Chelemedos from Marjorie Murphy
John & Nadine Condon from Shannon Butters
Beverly Conway from Donald Conway
Cynthia Cook from Peter Cook
Keith Curtis from Ray Curtis
Lloyd (Chris) Danielson from Holly Brazel
Mieke Doelman from Case Doelman
Antonio Donato from Lucretia Mack
Ted Easley from Ronald Bane
Gwen Edwards from Ronald Bane
Mr. & Mrs. Fay from Karen Dickerson
Homer Flemming from Betty Flemming
Alicia Freed from Coryl Clark
Jack L. Graham from Kathryn Graham
Great Grandma Lollie from Karen James
Kathleen Green from Jonathan Green
Randall Greggs from Linda Greggs
Winifred Gruhlkey from Gerard Amato
– from Robert & Marie Ayres
– from West Pawlett Fish & Game Club
Kathe Helmes from Charles & Edith Leary
James Norman Iblings from Carolyn Iblings
Danny Imbruglia from Daniel & Alicia Mayberry
George Jansen from Helen Brumbach
-from The Pinochle Group
-from Sharon Hansen
-from Duane Jansen
-from Kathy Lienemann
-from Barbara Ritchie
-from Karen & Hertha Timm
-from Guy Becken
-from Richard & Rosemary Walrod
-from JoAnn & Jack Grubb
-from Donald Jansen
Jesus from Charles & Patricia Pearson
Bruce Johnson from Virginia Johnson
Tyler Scott Johnson from Scott Johnson
Laverna Jopling from Phyllis Freeman
-from Katrin Palmer
Patty Kennedy from David Elwanger
Don Edward Kohse from Joanne Kohse
Pauline Lien from Dale Lien
Mike Louisell from Lisa Woehle
Tony Lombardy from George & Phyllis Lombardy

In Memory cont…

Henry John Maurer from Christine Brunner
-from Bonnie Sanborn
-from Dick & Molly Ferguseon
Barbara Mansfield from Donald & Gwen Dowdell
-from Jane Dye
-from Jon Halvorson
-from Elaine Hemphill
-from Judith Johnson
-from Lewis Keller, Jr
-from Lela & Myron Kreidler
-from Sharlene Lugenbeel
-from Glenda Sue Shannon
May from Charles Barlow
Etta Miller from Elwanda Johnson
Doris Minor from Linda Minor
My Dad from Thomas & Johaunna McReynolds
My Dear Brother from Mary Simpson
My Family from Will & Donna Williamson
Everett Olson from Charlotte Olson
Our mothers & fathers from Donald & Gwen Dowdell
David Paget from Mike & Sharon Boring
– from Jack & Mary Jo Belmont
– from Sally Dunn
– from Lenna Mulka
– from Gary & Sue Nomensen
– from Dan Riebli
– from Kenneth Stormans
– from Ed & Sue Wells
Papa, Snookie & Justin from Shelly Wheeler
Neva Peterson from Carol Narloch-Gallagher
Stephen A Plunkett, Sr from Stephen & Peggy Plunkett
Arthur & Kathryn Riebli from Dan Riebli
James Robinson from Jane Porter
Gene Sanders from Ann Frame
Audrey Sarver from Gary Sarver
Allen Shanafelt from Joanna & Gabriel Shanafelt
Valerie M Steffen from Richard Steffen
Annette Steucke from Paul Steucke
Leena Strole from Jan-Erik Strole
Kathy Talley from Eva Johnson
Mary F Tate from Lee & Mary Bowman
Gladiola Thomas from Vaitogi Vaitogi
Teresa Vert from Carol Narlock-Gallagher
Veterans from Ann Frame
Richard Wallace from Anna Wallace
Sharon West from Jean Perez
Lance Alan Whipple from Cliff Whipple
Caroline Wilson from David Wilson
Talmage Wilson from Doris Wilson
Bertha Winkle from Mike & Sharon Boring
Pastor John Wright from Ben Webster
Marilyn Zuckerman from Zuckerman Funk Agencies

In Honor of…

Sam & Jack Atkinson-Williams
-from Daria Dimitroff
Avaton from Vicki Turnbow
Jason & Kyle Barker from Larry & Barb Barker
Dr. Bill from Anonymous
Judith BD Bouffou from Alan Mountjoy-Venning
Jesus Christ from Katherine Roberts
Kevin Connors from Donna Connors
Lorn & Loretta Conway from John Fischer
Dr. Maureen Craig from Employees at Small To Tall
John Deviny from Anonymous
Doug Dawson from M Hutchinson
Diane’s Birthday from Grace Japhet
Dr. Tim Dolby from Dan Rubin
Carol Dunn from Robert Dunn
Mark & Kim Eibel from Beverly Werschkul
Hailey, Kenny, Lainey, Danny & Andy Erickson from Heidi Erickson
Erickson Family from Kathy Erickson
Stan Erickson from David & Peggy Erickson
Father from Kay Evans
Jason F from Susan Jordan
John Gonzales from Anonymous
Frank Gummersall from Maureen Gummersall
Hedwall Family from Patricia Hedwall
Lowell David Hoff from Carolyn Werner
Inyara Family from Louie Renew
Jesus from Richard & Dorothy Rowley
Jeff & Heather Johnson from John A Fischer
Janet & Randy Jones from Maria Zollo-Klaas
Barbara Kaiser from Susan Goetting
Joe & Rachel Kamerer from Elizabeth Boston
Bill Kelley from Karen Self
Dr. Kern from Margie Sharpe
Doris Kesecker from Ronald Kesecker
Robin Lester & Christine Cole from Ginni Peppert
Patricia McCandless from Diana McCandless
Eileen McKenzie-Sullivan from Anonymous
Robert Meenk from Louise & Roy Adams
Doris Dahl Mizell from Don & Gwen Dowdell
Jamie Mullenix from Angela Hodge
Murray Family from Louie Renew
Nate Naismith from Kyle Naismith
Ed Newman from Irene Byington
Billy Oliver from Jerry & Brenda Breznican
OUGM Dental Clinic from Peterson-Cammack Dentistry
OUGM Dental Clinic from Vetter Dental Group
Pendle & Kolibas Family from Sandra Dennr
Charlotte Phillips 90th birthday
-from Daryl & Nylan Wood
Our Lord Jesus Christ from Bonnie Chaty
John Parr (70th birthday) from Bill & Francie Parr
-from Paul Watt
Renew Family from Louie Renew
Dr. Russell from Alan & Lola Cain
Schaefers & Moffat Family
-from Ronald & Mary Jo Schaefers
Schwartz Family from Thomas & Rosario Cofield
Dana Smith from Anonymous
– from Michelle Leyba
Loren “Skip” Steffen from Vida Farler
Loren “Skip” Steffen from Gail Frare
Symmonds Family from Rosario Cofield
Those that need help from Scott Egan
Vander Beek Family from William J Vander Beek
George & Harriet Wehnes from Harold & Arlene Brown
Mike & Haleigh Werner from Robyn Vera
Cliff Whipple from Patricia Flores
Cameron Wheelock from Helen Klatt
Terry Whitehouse from Kaylene Lahn
Lester & Jean Willmore from Sharon Backstrom
Chery Townsend Winter from Hilarie Hauptman