Clothing Closet
People are lined-up outside the Mission door for a meal.  One of the staff members opens the door and  calls out “I can take two more.”  Gradually the line thins out and everyone has been served a warm nutritious meal.

We only have room for 60 people to eat at a time in the dining hall.  With our new plans to remodel the current building, we’ll be able to seat 130 guests, and families will even be able to dine together.   ~ Loren “Skip” Steffen, Executive Director

The growth in services has taxed the Mission’s current footprint.  With the blessing of the Mission’s Board of Directors, plans were set forth to remodel the current space to accommodate the growth.  The price tag is $400,000 and to-date, the project reached the goal $50,000 at the end of March – In just one month God blessed us with the entire amount!

It is with deep gratitude and humility that I announce to you that the financial donors to this ministry have contributed $51,200. What an answer to prayer and trust in the Mission’s loyal supporters.  ~ Skip (April 2015)

The goal of $50,000 will purchase the following equipment:

  • New kitchen equipment (current equipment is 13 years old)
  • Double the shower stalls and laundry services
  • Nearly double the dining hall accommodations
  • House the clothing bank at the Mission
    (The No-Fee Dental and Vision Clinic will be moved to the Annex building)

For those of you who were still considering donating, our dental and vision equipment is getting “tired” and should be replaced. Your gift above our goal would allow our dental and vision volunteers to improve their direct patient services.


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