Tim’s story

Tim had a pretty normal childhood. It wasn’t until he got in the program that he learned otherwise.

He described his life as never really having any responsibility and, instead of learning how to do something for himself, it was done for him. There was drinking going on at home, but he didn’t think it was a problem until there were social functions where his parents would argue. His parents weren’t getting along and after he graduated from high school, they ended up getting a divorce; the house was sold, so he needed to find somewhere else to live.

Tim went to work and that’s when he began to drink, which only got worse over the next 10 years. He couldn’t keep a job. “When I would lose a job [due to drinking] I wanted to drink even more. By then I had to drink when I woke up just to feel normal.”

After hitting bottom, living in his car at rest stops and parking lots, Tim wanted to get his life back together. He entered the Mission’s Life Transformation Program and now he will be graduating this May. “I have repented from trying to do things my way, it didn’t work anyway, and now I read my Bible because I want to follow God.”

Hear Tim’s complete testimony and the miraculous things God did and is doing in his life at the Graduation Celebration Saturday, May 6, 6:30pm. Reserve your free tickets at and join us for this very special event.

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