Jodi Yarbrough, Women’s Program Manager

Life Transformation Program

“I want to be just like my mommy – drink wine and smoke cigarettes.” Those words came out of Jodi’s toddler over 14 years ago. That’s when it hit home to her that she needed help to get clean and sober. Her transformation brought others to her wanting help through their sobriety, so she finally decided to get educated and do it legitimately. She went to a Christian College where she was able to incorporate God’s Word with her studies, graduating with a degree in psychology specializing in addiction recovery.

Two years ago, Jodi came to work on staff at the Mission as the Program Manager for the Women’s Life Transformation Program. An answer to her prayers and dreams, she would be able to work with the women that came to seek help through the Mission’s recovery program.

“My personal experience in secular inpatient involved people who didn’t want to be there, but the women at Genesis Acres come of their own free will. They want change and are seeking help. They need Christ. Some just don’t know yet that they need a relationship with Christ, but God is awakening their hearts. That really makes my job easy.”

The women that are currently going through the program are very involved with the Mission, having servants’ attitudes in work and an obvious desire to stay on God’s path and God’s will to be clean and sober. “One thing that is obvious,” says Jodi, “the women are becoming better parents and mothers and reconciling their broken relationships.” Stories of their reconciliation with children and parents have circulated throughout the Mission, blessing staff and volunteers.

Jodi told stories of grandmothers in her program that have been pursuing custody or having weekend stays with their grandchildren. One woman saw her child for the first time since she had to give him up in adoption. Others were back in relationship with their children that had been taken away because of their addiction problems. One woman heard her mother tell her for the first time “I love you.”

“The difference is that these women are being transformed by Christ in areas that they never believed about themselves. They are learning that they are beautiful women in Christ, which grows their God-esteem. We share with them that they are fearfully and wonderfully made and they are worth the time of day and they do deserve a good life with Christ. They in turn feel worthy to reach out to family members. Each finally feels she is a good parent and wants to show the love of Christ to all their family members.”

Christ has changed their hearts.

Newsletter – May 2016