One of the VegOut teams was at a new location setting up. They had boxes of produce lining the sidewalk for children as they got off the school bus. In the midst of setting up, a young man wandered over to Mindy. Seeing that she was in charge, he asked what was all this about. She explained the program and upon finding out that it was an Olympia Union Gospel Mission ministry, he said, “Why of course it would be the Mission out helping.”

Today was the day that he had been given keys to his new apartment. He had been homeless, but through the help of the Mission he was able to get off the streets and into housing.

“I have the key to my new place, but little did I know that there would be a welcome wagon with food too. I’ve been worried about my first night in the apartment with my son and how I would feed him, but you filled the gap.”

Cody, the Director of Street Ministries, was significant in getting him the help he needed. Jason had visited the Mission after the store where he worked went out of business. This left him and his son living in his car unable to make ends meet. Through meals at the Mission and help with showers and laundry, Jason was able to maintain appearances and stay healthy for his all-important job search. He saved the little money from his VA benefits, and Cody was able to help with a small amount more bringing him to this point that he could open the door to his new apartment. “I know that I have been given a great opportunity and I need to stay on track. You have no idea how much this means to me and I even have a job interview coming up , funny thing is, it’s in produce!”

The VegOut program will be gearing up for the summer months and more volunteers are needed. Teams will be sent out to low-income areas where children and their families have limited access, for economic reasons, to fresh produce. Join a VegOut team and help a neighbor in your community. Call Mindy at 360.709.9725 or click here  to learn more about the program.

Newsletter – May 2016