Eight years ago the founder of the No-Fee Vision Clinic, Dr. Brian Konig, put out a plea at his church for volunteers to help at the Mission’s opening of a new Vision Clinic. Many stepped up, including Donna and Mike Trout, who have been there ever since. Violet, the Clinic’s Manager, thoroughly trains each volunteer by taking them through the paces of checking in patients, including greeting, screening, preparing the paperwork for each doctor, and filing.

In 2016, the Mission went through a major remodel. The Vision and Dental Clinics were moved from the 413 Franklin St NE facility to 309 Washington St NE, just two blocks away. Now the Clinics have their own entrance and new offices. “The waiting room is so nice,” beams Donna, “and we have our own space for the Vision Clinic and all the equipment.”

The Trouts both agreed that watching people put on their glasses for the first time was the most exciting moment. Donna says, “It’s a blessing to be there and see firsthand how happy and thankful people are to be able to see with their new glasses.” Violet, who has many stories about patients, recalled a man named Monte who was excited about the fact that he didn’t have to hold things with his feet to read anymore!

Vision Clinics are held 5-7pm Monday and Tuesday evenings by appointment. There are 30 volunteers and volunteer professionals that serve who keep the Clinic running weekly. Colleen, a new Clinic volunteer, has had prior work in the healthcare field and is honored to be able to help. She says “the Clinic has given me the chance to provide resources and compassionate care to my community.”

Donna says, “I hope that when patients come to the Vision Clinic they feel welcomed and loved. It’s important when so many people are feeling discouraged and here [at the Clinic] we have an opportunity to encourage.”

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