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In 2000, the Olympia Union Gospel Mission began providing a residential-based Addiction Recovery / Life Transformation Program for single women and women with young children and in 2004, for men. The Programs are built around a Christian approach to addiction recovery – the “Genesis Relapse Prevention Process” developed by Michael Dye. The Mission program is built on a Three-Step Model.

Step 1 – Clients enter a time of shelter and stabilization. An assessment is made to determine if they are ready for Christ-centered addiction recovery.

Step 2 – Clients enter the intensive Residential Based Addiction Recovery / Life Transformation Program that can last up to a year for men and two years for women. Upon successful completion, clients graduate from the Program.

Step 3 – During the post-graduate period, the Mission supports the final phase of Addiction


Experience has taught us that the best way to ensure the success of graduates is to provide Christ-centered, clean and sober, low-rent transitional housing. This solid foundation facilitates the gradual transition of our graduates back into society, connected to God, their church and the Mission.

A Mission-owned duplex, with three bedrooms in each unit, and designated for men or women has proven to be successful. A five-year look back reveals 80% of our Program graduates are living clean and sober lives. The capital investment and maintenance costs of such a duplex are reasonable, and the ability to purchase the property outright, without debt, generates positive cash flow and allows us to charge each occupant only a nominal monthly rent of $400 per bedroom.

A serviceable duplex can be purchased for $375,000. The funding plan is to raise 50% through grants from private foundations and 50% through donations from our wonderful loyal supporters.

The generosity of three families has resulted in the Mission already having $75,000 in-hand or committed. Only $112,500 more is needed to reach the $187,500 goal!

Recovery / Life Transformation – the re-entrance of graduates as Godly members of society.

Thank you for helping us reach our goal!

A generous donor matched your donation dollar for dollar up to$10,000 and we made the goal with your help! We are well on our way to purchase clean and sober housing for post-graduates of the Life Transformation Recovery Program. The right door has been opened to provide low-income housing as graduates gradually enter back into the community. If you would like further information on the campaign, please contact Karen Robbins at 709-9725 or Karen@ougm.org.


“I graduated from the Women’s Life Transformation Program in May of 2019. I am happy to say that I have been inordinately blessed with gainful, steady employment. I am grateful first and foremost to God but also OUGM and my counselor, Jodi Yarbrough. I reside in the Clean and Sober House, where I have been given an opportunity to rebuild my life. No one can imagine how thankful I am to have a home where I can be with my precious son, Xavier.” ~ Mia

“The house provides accountability and a solid spiritual foundation along with my brothers in Christ. Affordable rent is critical for guys rebuilding their lives.” ~ Kevin

PO Box 7668, Olympia WA 98507