The following is advice to business owners that may be considering a graduate from the Mission’s Life Recovery Program apprentice at their place of business.  The following is a list of attributes to look for in someone that is serious about getting job experience through an apprentice program.

Willing heart to learn

Apprentices need to be willing to be told what to do and perform in a certain manner. Life for them was without boundaries for a long time and now they are being asked to comply.  Be sure you have reasonable expectations for the job.

Present themselves well

Often recovery individuals hold on to a victim mentality.  Apprentices need to be willing to have you help them move forward.  “Letting go” like the trapeze artist grabbing the bar – it’s just like trusting God.


Personal appearance is important. Depending on the industry standards, an apprentice’s attire and personal hygiene are the first impressions customers make regarding your business. Apprentices must be willing to comply with work attire policies.


As these standards are met, the apprentice can begin to be trusted with personal customer information, credit card and cash transactions, and increasing responsibility. As they grow in their job position, they become confident and proud of their work.  At the completion of their apprenticeship and a position comes available with your business, they should be considered for hire or provided with a letter of recommendation for their resume.

Thank you to Lexie Sandifer, a business owner and strong supporter of apprenticeship programs, for providing the above suggestions (edited by OUGM staff)

SECOND CHANCES is an article from our August 2017 Newsletter on the Sandifer’s and their apprenticeship program.  In the November 2017 Newsletter there will be part II by Andrew Christensen of Construct, Inc (president of the Mission). Christensen will share about his experiences in hiring recovery program folks.