The Artist

Wandering through the Day Room at the Mission, you will notice people reading, napping , in quiet conversation, munching on a donut, or any number of things. This day in particular, though, there was a man sitting in the corner with a sketch pad doing some drawings.

His pictures, all done in pencil, were detailed and mostly of animal figures. William, called “William the Artist” by those at the Mission, had been drawing since a young age. Besides wildlife drawings, he had done a number of sketches of those he had befriended at the Mission.

A transplant from Missoula, Montana, William felt that God was calling him to be closer to his daughter. Through prayer and the urging of his pastor, he finally made the move to Olympia; giving up a job and friends, for a new chapter in his life.

It was a difficult move, but his first confirmation that it was the right thing to do, was a blanket! After traveling by bus he met a woman not far from the station that asked if he had a blanket. He didn’t and continued to walk a bit further only to stop and return to the woman, handing her his sleeping bag. Now, hungry, short of cash and without a sleeping bag, he found his way to the Mission. He was treated to a scrumptious meal, and before leaving was given a brand new donated Swiss sleeping bag.

There was also another reason for William’s urgency to be near his daughter, he had been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma and knew his time was short. Facing reality was difficult, but he believed God had given him more fight as he was facing his third round of chemo.

William shared about his relationship with Jesus and how he had read the Bible at least three times straight through from beginning to end. As he says, “You wouldn’t watch a movie just half way through.” William talked about the verse that God would not give him more than he could handle, but he was quick to add, “The unwritten part of that verse is that sometimes God will put you right up to the edge, and I’ve been there.”

Deeply indebted for the help the Mission has given him, William now has a place to call home and has gotten work. “This is a community that provides services that help folks like me get back on their feet – thank you.”

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Newsletter – August 2016